The history of seals is thousands of years old, they were called then, however, a bit differently - "pintadera". In ancient times, thanks to such pinters, people decorated their bodies with patterns, making various prints on it, and also "sealed" other surfaces.

to make a stamp of cues

The production of seals has not lost its relevance even now, but the accents are still slightly shifted: as before, printing is the legal assurance of the activity of an enterprise or a professional working in its industry, but also, to a certain extent, the "face" of the company / specialist. The latter means that the choice of such details as color, shape, placement of symbols and words, monogram, font, size of letters and other - also play a role in the manufacture of seals. After all, modern, high-tech products of the firm "" - the developer and implementer of seals and stamps, are durable, therefore, it is very careful to think over all the details, the seal will last for many years. This will take care of designers who will create an interesting, attractive type of printing.

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