Need a new seal, and over time, both obazno - "strained"? No problem - the firm "" for making seals in Kiev will help you out! As we are a young team with an original creative vision and responsible attitude to our business, we use only modern high-class certified equipment, and we also have fully-standard (and not so!) Concepts as to what the print should look like in our time.

print order

Hour - the minimum time required for specialists for the production of your order. If you intend to speed up the process as much as possible, you can show us the finished sketch and we will simply make an identical seal, the second option: explain to us what your company or institution is doing, choose the type of rig that will suit you most, color, the presence of additional details, I mean all sorts of patterns, drawings, logos, coats of arms and so on.

In addition to the production of standard seals, the firm also manufactures daters, numerators, sealing tools, etc.

Ремонт и монтаж сантехники в Киеве