Hello! PP "http://techno-plast.com.ua" wants to introduce itself! We are a team working on making seals for Kiev. Our clients are respected lawyers, notaries, psychologists, dentists and other doctors, government agencies, legal offices, various companies. And for all our customers we try to find a suitable solution.

seals and stamps

http://techno-plast.com.ua practices the production of seals "from scratch" with the creation of a completely new, original sample, exceptional, so to speak, but also working on a layout and sketch.

Important! The firm "http://techno-plast.com.ua" does not repair spoiled seals, as this is not quite a sensible act. Experts "http://techno-plast.com.ua" for the manufacture of seals in Kiev believe: it is better to create an in-hour quality print for an hour on a ready-made sample that will last longer than to pick and repair a broken one made of what material. Moreover, the price for making seals in Kiev is more than acceptable. Better to do once and for long, the proverb even exists: miser pays twice.

We are waiting for your orders, we promise to please you with the result!

Ремонт и монтаж сантехники в Киеве