For those who are interested in making stamps: a team of specialists from the company "" offers its services in this field. Manufacturing of stamps is our main and only profile, we will do our best to ensure that any result of the work done by us was ideal and pleased the customers of


At there are stamps for every taste: manual, automatic, different colors (this applies both to the equipment and ink), different sizes, different shapes (rectangular, square, triangular and round), different cost, stamps-daters, stamps-numbering. All that the soul desires, absolutely all this will find in the arsenal of the company "".

Your stamp experts will create in an hour or the next day after the order, the term of manufacturing of stamps you determine. Quality is not even discussed, because it is excellent. Precisely because of the production of such good quality stamps, we do not undertake to repair old stamps, but we strongly recommend that we make a new, more durable and "surviving" sample.

Ремонт и монтаж сантехники в Киеве