If you have already met the mysterious abbreviation "http://techno-plast.com.ua", but did not guess what it means, we explain - it's such a promising firm that profiled on the creation of seals and stamps in Kiev. The company is young and in the market of stamping production - recently, but already respected and loved by its customers.

stamps of a seal

http://techno-plast.com.ua produces seals and stamps in Kiev using modern laser equipment and using strong, high-quality materials in their manufacture, which is why the products of this company have an unlimited shelf life.

The enterprise realizes both personal and corporate seals and stamps in Kiev. And the approach to their implementation is the most responsible and individual. For example, for some seals and stamps, it is appropriate to use decorative elements (patterns, monograms, drawings, logos), while others when using such decorating will look ridiculous. Such questions are solved by the designers of the firm, but also to your suggestions the specialists of http://techno-plast.com.ua will certainly listen. With regard to the price policy of http://techno-plast.com.ua, everything here is very democratic.

Ремонт и монтаж сантехники в Киеве