Seals, stamps - the legal component of any registered firm, without these small details of the contract, signed by your party will not represent legal force.


To order modern, durable and at the same time beautiful seals and stamps, contact the company "". It is there that a team of young initiative professionals is working on the development of stamp products for customers.

So, works with private persons: doctors, lawyers, notaries, entrepreneurs, and NDO, state institutions, various educational institutions.

The types of equipment and the time of production are chosen by the customers themselves. The minimum price for a new seal made according to your sketch, or completely created from scratch by our designers is 150 hryvnia per day, and 150 hryvnia urgently, per hour. The cost of the stamp is from 50 UAH and 100 UAH, if you do not wish to wait all day. All seals, stamps are made qualitatively and in time.

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