Dear reader, we want to introduce the company "". An enterprise has been created in order to at least slightly facilitate the bureaucratic component of your work. Yes, we work with seals, stamps, more precisely, we manufacture them.

make a seal

The offers for you are mas and, which is undoubtedly nice, for very affordable prices. The diameter of our seals is from 12 to 50 millimeters. Also available - stamps of all sizes, daters, numerators. The latter, by the way, do not comically simplify life and give the opportunity to less bother with typing text.

Concerning the rigging, it is a manual and automatic rigging. At will, you can choose the color of the printing casing, the stamp, which you will like.

A separate word about convenient portable seals, they can be thrown in a purse or briefcase, these are the so-called "pocket seals". Occupying a minimum of space, printing will always be at hand, which is extremely convenient, since you will no longer need every time you need to sign papers, go to the office for a sign or meet clients exclusively in your office. Printing with a pocket snap will make you mobile and you can sign contracts anywhere.

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