The firm "" offers its services in the production of such products as seals, stamps, facsimiles. We work, both with new seals, and with impressions.

production of cue stamps without documents

So, if you planted your previous seal or it just soured - do not be sad, it's not a disaster! Only in one day, experts from will restore it, or rather produce a new one, which will exactly resemble a lost sample. To do this, employees need just a document with your lost seal, with the help of special equipment we will scan it, and then - the technology matter. This service (printing on the print) will cost 200 hryvnia. But if the "reincarnated" seal is needed for you today, we will produce a new one in an hour and, accordingly, the cost of such a service will increase up to 250 hryvnia.

For those who need to make a new seal, the firm has ready-made samples, and we also work on the sketches proposed by the clients. The fee for the production of a new seal is from 150 hryvnias within one working day, and from 200 - urgently.

The service of manufacturing a stamp for a day costs from 50 hryvnia, and for an hour - from 150 hryvnia, respectively. Regarding the facsimile - this will be 100 hryvnia per day and 150 hryvnia - per hour.

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