Seals of 130 hryvnia and stamps from 50 in the company "" can be ordered by anyone. Whether it's an employee of an attorney's office, or a doctor, a director, an architect, a notary, an official, a private entrepreneur, in short, those who need to certify the authenticity of their papers.

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"Http://" - a company that has not so long established a business path in the sphere of manufacturing seals in Kiev, but already has a number of advantages. For example:

- because of their youth, the prices for stamps, clichés, facsimiles and seals are low;

- promotions and discounts - something that can always be found on the site;

- Our stamp enterprise can produce seals and other stamp devices of the sizes you need;

- the manufacture of seals in Kiev takes place in a matter of minutes;

- experienced designers with fresh vision;

- Snap for every taste;

- the opportunity to recreate the lost seal according to the print on the documents;

- an opportunity to view, select and order samples of seals on the company's website;

- Comfortable delivery (Kyivans, for example, can pick up their purchase of the shopping center "Detsky Mir").

Ремонт и монтаж сантехники в Киеве