The history of the press began long before the Middle Ages. In all ages, the seal served people as a credential tool, as proof of immunity (when letters or buildings were sealed to preserve in untouched condition), for self-determination, as a business card and for many other purposes.

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Now the manufacture of seals is still topical, but the emphasis has changed little. When you need to make any serious documents without an affirmative seal, the same notaries simply can not do. Yes, and the same "products" and "FOPs" will not be able to conduct activities legally. "Http://" - the Kiev team of specialists in the manufacture of seals will help in this painstaking business. You decide what to be a stamp or stamp: round, rectangular or triangular, what color, do you need any other graphic images besides the requisites, size, type of snap and location of the elements. The rest is the work of master-stamps. Well, the last: payment and delivery. On the site it is possible to choose a convenient method of delivery of a seal.

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