Welcome to the company of stamp services http://techno-plast.com.ua
Our company offers a unique solution for individual, multi-color date stamps and with many advantages for you.
 - An individual, a multi-colored print impression is something special. This helps to eliminate you from competitors.
- Your print impression can display color symbols or can present your logo in colors according to your corporate style.
- Attractive for pallets of fifteen standard colors, as well as a few special colors available to you.
- The design of the stamp is simple and convenient - you can even order multi-colored stamps through the Internet.
- Changing the order of your individual stamp is easy and you can at any time.
The original multicolor stamp - directly from the inventor http://techno-plast.com.ua.

organization seal

Multi-color, innovative and unique printing, in which an individual can be realized. So for the first time, you can display colorful symbols or create your own logo in color.
 Multicolored stamps or seals from http://techno-plast.com.ua are as colorful as life. That's why they are stars in a professional stamp world. They were honored with several prizes: the 2008 PBS Award 2008 for the "Multicolored stamps".
- 2007 GIFTEXPO Award 2007 for Innovation, Modernity and Convenience for the user.
- 2005 ISPA Award for "special innovation".
http://techno-plast.com.ua multicolor impression is your individual print, which is impressive with a lot of colors.

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