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The production of multicolored stamps has now become even easier. There was an optimization of the automated production of multicolored stamps. While the laser engraving machine cuts out the text of rubber stamps, the multi-color Jet impregnates the laser cutting pads. Since these two stages of work are performed simultaneously, they also terminate at the same time as the usual production process stamp.
Another plus: the multi-color Jet retains all 15 ink color spectrum. The multi-color stamp is ready for use at any time - no re-equipment is required.


On our website http://techno-plast.com.ua you can find medium-sized laser cutting machines & laser engraving machines with a working area up to 39 x 24 inches.
Choose from CO2 lasers, fiber lasers (Speedy Fiber) and laser machines that combine both laser sources in one machine (Speedy FlexX).
With http://techno-plast.com.ua, we additionally offer you laser markings working with galvo laser technology for high-speed laser marking. Laser marking and marking stations for industrial use of the offer offers maximum reliability. Thanks to the built-in galvo head marking, they allow the inscription of the laser at the maximum marking speed.
Choose the optimal machine for your processes and existing plants from our range of laser marking. Our laser machines come with customizable software and numerous interfaces and are therefore ideally suited for system integration.
Here you can find a wide selection of laser samples that can be cut, engraved or marked with a laser machine. All samples are described in detail and come with complete instructions and template files that you can follow directly.
Check out our samples and order on our website http://techno-plast.com.ua.

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