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Historically, stamps came in only one color and basic colors, like black, blue, red, green or purple. MultiColorStamps not only offers more than one color for a self-made stamp, but we also offer a wide range of colors.
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What is a multi-color stamp?

Unlike the usual self-management of colorful postage stamps that can only print in one color, our Muti colors allow you to stamp in several colors at once!
There are only two limitations: There should be a space of at least 0.1 "(2.5 mm) between letters or symbols in different color fields, and the minimum size of any color area should be 0.3" x 0.3 "(8 mm x 8 mm).
Multicolor StampMulti color impression - use color ADVANTAGE

Stand out from the competition with these individual multi-colored seals.
A colorful brand of impressions that include the symbols or logos of the company in accordance with your corporate design.
Choose from a wide range of attractive colors. Printing design is easy and convenient.
Multicolor stamps are easy to create, and can also be ordered online.
Re-ordering of identical individual sites is simple and can be done at any time.

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