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Historically, stamps in only one color and basic colors like black, blue, red, green or purple are not popular. http://techno-plast.com.ua also offers a wide range of colors. Unlike ordinary seals, which can print only in one color, our prints are multicolored and can be stamped in several colors at once! It creates personality, more attention, and your seal print can be real, as if alive.

doctor's seal order

Our new multi-color printing possess special laser cutting ink pads, which allows you to assign colors to different areas of your printing! Creative possibilities are almost limitless!
Our high-tech, patented technology uses laser technology to control the cutting and applying of ink both by printing and rubber mold. Life is colorful!
You can highlight your logo, company name, phone number, symbols and pictures in color. A multi-color print impression is something special that will allow your personal identity to be discernible or your corporate identity to stand out against the competition.
With multi-color printing, we offer a unique solution for individual date printing and with many advantages for you:
• Separate multi-colored seals.
• The color stamp includes the symbols or logos of the company in accordance with your corporate design.
Choose from a wide range of attractive colors. A pallet of fifteen standard colors, as well as several special colors.
• Stamp design is easy and convenient.
• For self-use, rubber dies multicolor is easy to create and interesting to use.
• Re-order of identical individual sites and ink cartridges is simple and can be done at any time.

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