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Multicolored stamping products are now working even easier because more automated production is optimized.
Advantages of stamp production:

printing and stamps manufacturing

- Highest accuracy
Laser cuts the cartridge accurately and seals the color zones at the same time. Thus, each color field retains its purity of color.
- Proven technology
Trotec Laser Speedy 100, Speedy 300, and Rayjet are compatible with multi-color Jet. All you need is to start producing multicolor prints in addition to the multi-color Jet laser system.
- Full reliability
A patented manufacturing multicolor process guarantees exactly the same color and shape in everything. Changing the order of spare ink cartridges, therefore, is also easy and reliable to do.
- Optimum quality
Multicolor inkjet printing in various color fields with the optimum amount of ink. The result is a clean seal of the usual excellent quality.
- Reliable production
Unique multi-color printing will help you create your own design, fully automated it as needed.

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