Customer service

Although we maintain a strong presence on the Internet, most of our business is in the old-fashioned way - face to face contact. Our customer service representatives are well trained in the application of our products to meet the individual requirements of our customers. They are well prepared, with both our suppliers, and also by going to the Convention device for labeling regularly to keep up with the latest trends and new products. During business hours, you can contact our sales department who are ready to answer any questions you may have and we will respond to emails and other electronic requests as quickly as possible. An online chat feature on our website allows customers to get quick answers to questions, which can arise when ordering online. We also try to call or e-mail our customers to confirm orders, to make sure that we have all the necessary information, and reduce the likelihood of errors and make sure that the ordering of the product is decided by a specific need to resolve.

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product line

As already mentioned, our range is the most extensive in the industry. Inventory we have on hand, as well as our contacts with industry suppliers, enable us to deliver our products to end users in a timely manner. We can meet even the most direct requirement of the time, while maintaining high quality

Below is a partial list of products that we offer:


Notarial goods

Maxum SI-30 Self-colored colorful notary seal, Maxum A200 self-service Colorful notary press, Max light Pre Inked Stamp notary seal, X Stamper notary seal, X Stamper Pocket notary seal, Max Light for Pocket Pre Inked notary seal

Black finish Notary stamping Printing, chrome finish Notary stamping Printing, stationary table Notary stamping Printing, specialty black stamping printing, specialty chrome plated embossing Print, specialty gold trim stamping Print

Venue Stamp Maxum A2000, Place Stamp Max Light Regular, Place Stamp X Stamper Regular

Under the oath / Jurat Stamp Maxum A2000, under oath / Jurat Stamp Max Light Regular, under oath / Jurat Stamp X Stamper Regular

Confirmation Stamp Maxum A2000, confirmation Stamp Max Light Regular, Recognition Stamp X Stamper

Millenium Marking Monogram Stamps, Engraving Signs, Vista, Signs, Security, Counterfeit and Deletion Products, Mechanical Marking Devices, Automatic Numbering and Dating Machines, Electric Seals and Stamps, Time Recorders, Other Products, Corporate Kits, Labels, Awards and Plaques, certificates, ticket Attacks, Garvey Price Marking Weapons and Labels, Feather Marks, Ribtype, PSI self-contained colorful Numerators

X Stamper Products, Master Print Design, X Stamper Order Pre signed Stamps, XpeDater, VersaDater, archives, files and time stamps, X Stamper Stock Brand name, desktop and wall signs, Industrial Stamps, Markers, Security Products, Replacement, Inspection Stamps, accessories

Trodat, Text stamps, Ideal Self-Stamped Stamps, Trodat Printy Stamps, Professional Daters with pen, Datera Foundation line, Dial-A- Phrase You Daters and Numbering, then originally Printy round stamp date, Trodat Printy round stamp date, TRODAT Classic Time and the date of the Marks, Trodat Classic Economy Dater, Trodat Numbering, Trodat 3000 Die Plate Daters, Trodat 4000 Classic Daters

Griffins, Small vultures, medium neck, Large neck

Brand logo, 3/4 "x 1 15/16", 7/8 "x 2 3/8", 1 1/8 "x 2 3/4", 1 1/2 "x 3" 1 9/16 " х 2 3/8

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