We are glad to offer you stamp services by the Company http://techno-plast.com.ua
These modern stamps have challenged existing products with innovative production technology, as well as attractive design.

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 Benefits :
    - Attractive design
    - Ergonomic handle
    - "Softness" stamp effect
    - More attractive colors
    - Maximum use of the frame size for the maximum possible printing
    - Possibility to reuse ink for longer life
    - Selling with an attractive box
    - Available in 15 sizes
    - Large viewing window for identification
    - Many types of ink for various applications.
Stamps http://techno-plast.com.ua are manufactured to provide an effective resolution of 900dpi (dots per inch), which results in a stamp technology that provides cliches with amazing clarity and sharpness. Each stamp provides an opportunity to impress the extremely thin lines, which is ideal for developing logos, even monochrome photographs. Because the stamp frame is flat, it is able to withstand a high volume of water consumed without deteriorating the stamp image over time.

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