Personalization with the logo of the signature of a message or a work of art. Stamps pre-signed in a choice of red black blue green or purple. Up to 50,000 hits, before again colorful. Soft ergonomic design SureGrip®. Lifetime warranty of the manufacturer.
Modern ergonomic style of installation in gray with a maroon handle. The free text is formed in a special porous material. Contains ink (5 colors) for a thousand impressions before re-marking. Available in 23 sizes up to 3 "x 4" (76mm x 102mm). Comes with dust protection to protect the stamping surface.

make the seal urgent

Millennium Marking MaxStamp self-inking mark provide a reliable plastic casing with interchangeable stamping plates! One body stamp can be used for several projects with easy to change extrusion plates.
Mobile Marker pocket stamps are folded for easy carrying. Re-inkable pad.
Self-color printing for permanent marking of clothes. Size Impression 3/4 "x 1 7/8" (19 mm x 48 mm.) Re-inkable black inside.
Self-colorful stamps with stainless steel core ergonomic design extreme durability. Ideal for serious users of coupons, such as getting tax clerks collectors postmasters bank employees, etc.
The best quality plastic itself is a colorful stamp. Available in more than 15 different sizes, all with a built-in Inkpad (5 different ink colors available).
High-quality commercial grade rubber stamps made for years to come. Used with a separate ink pad. Handles are North American indigenous forests. Printing a stamp by laser engraving in real rubber.

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