Polyethylene film - these are bags that we use for shopping in stores, food film used to pack various foods to preserve their freshness, garbage bags, etc.

Products made of polyethylene have become so widespread in everyday life, production and agriculture. For polyethylene products, in particular films, there is inherent health safety, as well as a host of other positive qualities, among which:

low cost - polyethylene is a cheap material;
water resistance;
low gas permeability;
resistance to low temperatures;
chemical inertness - resistance to various effects;
universality of use.
Polyethylene film from the manufacturer (Kiev)

The company "Techno-Plast" is engaged in the production of films of various types based on polyethylene. We can buy film and products from it of the following types:

packing tape;
a film for greenhouses;
stretch film;
film based on recycled materials;
thermoresistant paper;
building film;
film for agricultural needs;
multilayer film.
The company also produces custom-made films and film sales in Ukraine. "Techno-Plast" produces polyethylene films in the following formats:

half arm;
rebated sleeve.
Polyethylene film is a simple, convenient and versatile packaging material used both at home and at work. If you decide to buy a film wholesale, you can significantly save money. And you can achieve the greatest savings if you can buy a film from the manufacturer.

The company "Techno-Plast" carries out production and sale of film in Ukraine. We can buy an optical film. Also in our company it is possible to buy a film (Ukraine) at retail.

"Techno-Plast" is a factory of high-quality polymer materials in Kiev. Our production number 1 for reliability. To buy a polyethylene film you just need to call. Make an order for a polyethylene roll. Remember, if you need high-quality and inexpensive film, you can buy it (Kyiv) in the required quantity in the company "Techno-Plast".

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