Not so long ago glass was used in the hothouse economy. However, this material significantly reduced the profitability of production, since construction, and repair of glass greenhouses was very expensive. Therefore, for already two decades, instead of the usual glass, greenhouses are mounted with a more affordable and simple polyethylene film, which is available in a wide range. Due to its availability and characteristics, the film has become so popular in private farms and agricultural macro sectors.

Agrarians use the film most widely. First, it serves as a cover material in greenhouses. Use it when planting seedlings in the open ground, as well as to cover the soil for the purpose of mulching. Also with the help of the film, it is possible to steam the soil. In addition, polyethylene film is used for sheltering silage pits and for the arrangement of feed storage facilities.

The production of the greenhouse film is made of high pressure polyethylene. For this, extrusion technology is used. Special substances can be added to the polyethylene. The first are light stabilizers. They are designed to reduce the negative impact of sunlight, due to which the material significantly reduces the strength. And the second - antifogs, which are additives, thanks to which the film does not condense moisture, and the greenhouse does not mist over.

The film for greenhouses has such characteristics as:

excellent light transmission capacity;
excellent thermal insulation qualities;
resistance to solar UV radiation;
waterproofing qualities;
long term;
creation of the greenhouse effect;
ability to keep the top layers of soil in wet condition;
resistance to weather changes;
wide operating temperature range: -50 to +60;
It is the above qualities that determine the fact that most households and summer residents prefer to buy a film for the greenhouse, instead of alternative materials.

"Techno-Plast" produces a film for greenhouses in accordance with the requirements of GOST. The assortment of films includes products in the format of "half arm", the width of which can be 1000mm, 1500mm, 3000mm. The film thickness is 80μ, 100μ, 120μm. 150мк, 200мк. A standard roll can have different lengths - 50m, 100m or 200m.

For the warranty service life, as well as the quality characteristics of the film, the thickness and quantity of the light stabilizer directly influence.

The film, designed for 12 months of operation, contains 1.5% of the stabilizer;
for 24 months - 3%;
for 36 months - 4.5 or even 5%.
To make the films differ from each other even at first glance, they add special colors: yellow, blue or green.

Our company can order the production of film for the order, while the width can vary from 50mm to 6000mm, and the thickness from 30mk to 300mk.

Attention! The film produced by us has a special marking and is protected by proprietary packaging.

Greenhouse film: application and basic storage rules:

The film must be kept warm for at least 12 hours before installation work;
The film should be installed in such a way that it is firmly stretched over the hothouse frame, excluding possible sagging;
When installing, you can use different materials, for example, wood rails, wire, but not used;
The film must only be unrolled horizontally;
it is important not to damage the film during the work;
all the surfaces of the carcass contacting with the film must be painted;
the film is easily damaged by mechanical means, therefore during operation with it it is necessary to ensure gentle handling;
The film is stored in a dark cool place;
During storage, the sun should not be exposed to the film;
Do not store the film near a heat source;
Do not place heavy objects on the film and store it in an upright position.
In the greenhouses of different formats, the film acts as a leader among other materials. Due to the fact that it is highly efficient and affordable.

In the company "Techno-Plast" you can buy a film for the greenhouse. We are a manufacturer and therefore guarantee you high quality material and affordable cost. At us in assortment the qualitative film hothouse is presented, to buy which in Ukraine you can wholesale or at retail.

"Techno-Plast" is reliability, quality and guarantees!

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