Multilayer films are a special material, most often used to create packaging in a variety of areas of human life. They are a composite product, which every day becomes more popular.

Multilayer films have a mass of qualities, but the most significant is the reliable protection of the product from negative external influences and, as a result, the long-term preservation of its properties. Thanks to multilayered films, the package has a more expensive appearance, and the shelf life of the product itself is significantly increased. Most often in such a film packed dairy products - sour cream, kefir, milk. From the inside, the packaging is tinted with special compounds that do not transmit light and UV radiation. Thus, dairy products last much longer.

The multilayer film is produced by extrusion technology. One or more polymers may be used in the production. In cases where only one type of polymer is used, special substances are added to each new film layer, providing layers with certain qualities and improving their characteristics. For example, the absorption of ultraviolet radiation, a reduction in the coefficient of friction, an obstacle to the formation of condensate. Each layer obtained as a result of the action of additives, thus, has its advantages, and all of them are transferred to one material - a multilayer film.

The use of multilayer films is multifaceted. This is the production of packaging, and the creation of heavy-duty hothouse film.

Multilayer film has the following advantages, which can be called useful qualities:

protection of the product packed in it from external factors;
protection of the product packed in it from mechanical interference;
high strength;
ease of use and safety;
a small cost price;
easy opening;
impact resistance;
small value of specific gravity;
resistance to a wide temperature range;
protection from foreign odors, their occurrence and penetration into the product;
preservation of natural properties of products.
Multilayer polyethylene films are versatile in use. They supplant the traditional glass, wooden and ceramic packaging from the market.

The company "Techno-Plast" produces a multilayer film in the form of a fabric, a sleeve or a half-sleeve. The width of the product is within the range of 50-6000mm, and the thickness is 25-300mk. Hurry to buy films in Ukraine from the manufacturer at an affordable price and in the best possible performance.

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