For the production of films, polyethylene with different characteristics is used. One of the varieties is LDPE (LDPE). This is high pressure polyethylene, which can also be called low density polyethylene. Depending on the polymerization conditions, and more precisely pressure and temperature, granular polyethylene with various chemical and physical characteristics is obtained. LDPE or LDPE is obtained at a pressure of 1tys. up to 3,000. kg / cm2, and as a result has a density of 0.925 g / cm3.

LDPE film is characterized by such characteristics as:

high strength for impact, compression and stretching;
relative transparency;
ease of stretching;
tactile smoothness;
The resistance to tearing due to the large number of cross-links;
long service life;
resistance to cutting and piercing effects;
fusibility at a temperature of about 1103-110 degrees Celsius, which is a relatively low rate.
Made from high-pressure polyethylene package is smooth, resistant to crushing and softness, which is very important when creating image products.

The company "Techno-Plast" manufactures and sells LDPE film, which corresponds to GOST under the number 10354-82. Products are available in the following formats: sleeve, linen or half-sleeve. The width of the film is from 50mm to 6000mm, and the thickness can be in the range from 25mk to 300mk.

Buy films in Ukraine for various purposes from the manufacturer can be in the company "Techno-Plast."

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