Polyethylene products are non-uniform, in particular polyethylene films can be made from fundamentally different materials. And it varies depending on the polymerization conditions. HDPE is a polyethylene produced at low pressure (HDPE). Otherwise it is called high density polyethylene. It is made from granulated HDPE. Depending on the polymerization conditions, and more precisely pressure and temperature, granular polyethylene with various chemical and physical characteristics is obtained. To obtain HDPE (HDPE), the polymerization is carried out at low pressure, from 1 to 5 kg / cm2. The result is a substance that has a density of 0.945 g / cm3. HDPE film serves as a packaging material, and can also serve as a container for various types of packaging.

Polyethylene film from HDPE is characterized by such characteristics as:

rustling at feeling;
strength is higher than that of LDPE products;
resistance to high temperatures;
The possibility of using a film of lesser thickness, not at the expense of consumer qualities of packaging.

The polyethylene film made of HDPE feels a bit like paper in its quality and quality. It is used in the manufacture of cheap packages, where strength and cheapness will be a priority. Most often, HDPE film is used in the production of simple and popular packages of the "shirt" type.

The company "Techno-Plast" produces a film of HDPE. Here you can buy HDPE polyethylene film in the following formats: half-sleeve, sleeve or cloth. The width of the product can vary from 80mm to 1000mm, and the thickness of the film can be in the range of 7-50μ.

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