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In modern production and trade, one more type of polyethylene film is widely used - shrink. Simple townsfolk meet this type of film in any store, but do not attach importance to it. But it is she, carefully enveloping a piece of bread, expensive perfume, vegetables or fruit protects them from various effects from outside.

Shrink film is used for piece or group packaging of various goods. It can be food products, chemistry and even building materials, including dimensional ones. This type of film is in demand from manufacturers and trading companies, as it facilitates the loading, transportation and storage of various goods.

The use of shrink film is largely dependent on its density. For example, when packaging food, cosmetic products use thin film. For bulky, heavy goods, a more durable and dense shrink film is used.

This type of polyethylene film is simple and convenient to use. It can be used both with manual equipment, and with automatic or semi-automatic packers.

Shrink film was a real breakthrough in the field of packaging materials. And due to this it was its quality properties:

The film is transparent, which opens visual access to the product;
the film is flexible - when heated, the material densely envelops the product on its entire surface and is able to take any geometric shape;
gas, moisture and dirty permeability;
strength to mechanical action;
physical strength and ability to preserve characteristics of packaged products for a long time;
opening of the package is possible only if it is damaged, which gives protection against unauthorized access to the goods;
ease of removal and extraction of products from the package;
light weight;
Under the influence of hot air, the shrink film easily changes its linear parameters. It is this fact that allows it to take any form, enveloping products. After cooling, the film acquires its original qualities and at the same time tightly tightens the object itself.

With the help of shrink film, the products are securely fastened on Euro pallets. Due to this, no additional gear is needed to hold the products in place while transporting, loading and unloading. At the same time, the film also reliably protects the packaged goods from moisture and dust.

With the help of shrink film from bulk or liquid cargo, put up in cans, bottles or bags, blocks are formed that facilitate not only storage, transportation, but accounting processes. In addition, such a package preserves the external product presentation and even gives it a presentable appearance.

Heat shrinkable polyethylene films in the company "Techno-Plast" are produced in a large assortment. It includes products, the thickness of which can vary in the range of 30-300 μm. The film can have the following form factors: sleeve, half-sleeve, folded sleeve, pallet bag. In this case, the size and size of the shrink can vary depending on the need. At us you can order the production of the necessary quantity and quality of shrink film of any format.

The process of packaging with a shrink film can be greatly simplified. At the same time, the efficiency of packaging increases, by reducing labor and reducing costs.

In our company you can buy the shrink film you need, or order its production for your individual requirements. The quality of the products depends on the type of equipment you use and the characteristics of the goods being packed.

Our experts will competently work the production process from a technological point of view to fulfill your order with maximum efficiency and in the shortest possible time.

Trust us. Here you will find the best and affordable shrink films in Ukraine.

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