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The ecological situation on the planet worries more and more people. Some of them even refuse from products that can harm the environment. Many for this reason refuse polyethylene and in particular products based on polyethylene films.

In fact, production technology has long been moving forward. Now polyethylene is recycled and a material is obtained which is completely destroyed when exposed to light for 2 months. At the same time, polyethylene films from recyclable materials are practically not inferior in quality parameters to films of polyethylene of the first grade.

A recycled film has one undeniable advantage for consumers - cheapness. Buying these products, you save your money and protect nature.

The recycled wire has the following characteristics that distinguish it from a conventional polyethylene film:

dark color;
less light transmittance;
destruction under direct exposure to sunlight for one, maximum two months, because of which it is inappropriate to use such a film in agriculture;
Operating temperature range from -50 to +60 degrees Celsius;
non-sterility, because of what it can not be used in the food industry.

Nevertheless, the recycled film has not a very narrow segment of use. Quite the opposite, it is used often and almost everywhere.

There are the following types of recycled films:


Heat-shrinkable film from recyclable materials differs from the usual lower light transmission capacity. That is, it is simply opaque. But its low price makes this fact completely insignificant. With its help pack non-food, building materials, as well as food products, which are packed in strong individual containers, for example bottles with nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Building a recycled film can also save. For example, in the course of repair work in the premises, it is often necessary to shelter floors and interior items, in particular furniture. To use expensive film for this purpose is not advisable. A cheap construction protective film from recyclable materials is the most ideal option. It is also possible to use a recycled film for heat and waterproofing works.

In household needs, recycled films can also come in handy. In particular, they make cheap garbage bags that do not pollute the environment.

By giving preference to reusable films, you are prudent to spend your budget and take care of the health of our planet.

The company "Techno-Plast" in Ukraine produces polyethylene films from recyclables and sells them at the most favorable prices. Get the film from the manufacturer! We have recycled films in the following formats: half-sleeve, sleeve, folded sleeve and linen. The width can vary in the range of 150-6000mm, and the film thickness can be 60-300mk.

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